OVAOM Sound Explorer: a musical game to develop aural concentration

Stimulating children’s language skills, aural concentration & memory by using music

Two sensory gamepads to discover sound through the sense of touch. Connect the gamepads to the app and control the game!

Two sensory gamepads

Designed to stimulate senses

Modulate your breath, change your finger's pressure to play music or solve musical puzzles.

Close your eyes and let the sound guide you!

A collection of audio games

based on sound imagination

Ready to go for a sonic hunt?
To follow a character in a musical story?
To find your way trusting only your ears?

Our game catalogue is constantly extended with new games!

How to play?

1. Launch the app

2. Switch on the gamepads

3. You're ready to play!

The puzzle game:

solve it with your ears !

The musical version of a puzzle, to train to distinguish different sounds.

You need to listen to the pattern, memorise it and find out how to reproduce it using your gamepads.
As the difficulty rises, combining the sounds of the two gamepads might help you find the solution.

But shh! We won't tell you more.
Listen... that's the key!

Order a Sound Explorer !

the kits are available for pre-order


Using music to construct the language

Children, while playing OVAOM's Sound Explorer, practice their abilities to recognise frequency, tone and rhythme. Thus, their memory is stimulated, their auditory attention sharpened and their abilities to distinguish sounds developped.

These capabilities are the foundation of language.

A new generation of educational games

combining playful teaching methods with digital and design

In our app, the most important is not what's happening on the screen!
The digital animation is reduced to a minimum in order to draw the attention of children on what they hear and touch.

We work with researchers in the fields of design, serious game, cognitive science and ergonomic design, and with childhood professionals such as speech therapists, psychomotor therapists and teachers.
We are inspired by Maria Montessori and her work with multi-sensory and auto-validating tools.

Thanks to the French Ministry of Education support, we do a lot of tests to validate the ergonomic design of our gamepads and games.

Are you a speech therapist?

Get children engaged in their therapy

OVAOM Sound Explorer gives you a support to work on prerequisites for speech and reading skills, by the playful use of music and sound.

With the different programs, you can work on attentiveness, memory, sound distinction and sequence order.

They support OVAOM

Open Science Hacklab
French Ministry of Education
Atelier Canope Lille
Collaborative Research/Action lab for Childhood and Digital Technologies
Non academic Research Incubator
Startup accelerator, Healthcare session
Serious Game

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